An Introduction To Catharanthus Roseus Aka Madagascar Periwinkle

March, 24, 2015

For years, Catharanthus Roseus is being used as a Medicinal Herb and an ornamental plant.

It is acknowledged for its beautiful appearance. Furthermore, the Catharanthus Roseus is renowned for ability to keep hardy even in dry and nutritionally deficient circumstances. The plant is appreciated for its long flowering period and the variation in flower color like white, mauve, peach and many more.

Coming to its medicinal use, throughout human history, the benefits of the plant are mentioned repeatedly in scriptures and books. In Ayurveda, Catharanthus Roseus Root and Leaves both have been to treat several maladies and in traditional Chinese Medicine, the herbal extracts of the plants have been utilized to treat diseases like malaria, diabetes and even cancer. Let us further illustrate other the medical benefits of this wonderful plant in the following points:

Although it is natural herb, it is advised, it be used only under the supervision of experts. Modern drugs contain extracts of Catharanthus Roseus should be taken in dosage prescribed by the physician. It is known the herb is not good for women who are pregnant or breast-feeding. Furthermore, the while using the herb a person’s age, health, medical conditions etc. must be kept in mind.

Over the years, courtesy the growing demand, many Cultivators, Exporters and Suppliers of Catharanthus Roseus have chosen to provide the product online. Today, many websites of suppliers can be found. Therefore, if anyone is desirous of buying this wonderful plant, all they have do is go online and place their order with a reliable vendor.

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